New Rochelle’s My Brother’s Keeper Initiative:
The City of New Rochelle and its Schools Accept
President Obama’s Call to Action

On behalf of the City government and the School District of New Rochelle, we are proud to accept and support our community’s Action Plan for addressing the critical objectives of My Brother’s Keeper.

New Rochelle is a remarkably complex and diverse city — faced with challenges and yet also endowed with the resources and commitment through which these challenges can be overcome.

It is our hope and intent that the specific recommendations that follow will provide more young people with a meaningful opportunity to achieve their potential and contribute fully to the common good. We can accomplish this purpose by:

  • Orienting the New Rochelle community to the importance of MBK’s goals and to our shared stake in nurturing opportunity for all youth, particularly boys and young men of color;
  • Communicating the wide range of services and support networks already available in New Rochelle;
  • Collaborating on a broader scale to use resources more effectively and to learn from each other;
  • Maximizing and leveraging New Rochelle’s programmatic and physical assets; and
  • Creating new initiatives to fill service gaps and support all those engaged in this vital mission.

Success in this endeavor will benefit every resident of New Rochelle, while upholding the core principles of a just, equitable, and dynamic city and society.

We express our sincere gratitude to the scores of public and private agencies, not-for-profit organizations, parents, students, educators, advocates, and civic leaders, who devoted time, energy, and wisdom to this document. And we look forward to extending this broad partnership as we move from developing plans to acting upon them.

Together, let us Embrace, Engage and Empower so all our young people can lead rewarding lives and achieve their dreams. Let us be our brothers’ keepers.


Noam Bramson – Mayor of New Rochelle

Brian G. Osborne, Ed.D – Superintendent of Schools