To create in New Rochelle a supportive environment wherein the entire community has accepted the My Brother’s Keeper Challenge and is proactive in supporting this initiative. We want our residents to join us in helping all our youth, particularly Black and Hispanic or Latino boys and young men, succeed, and enjoy productive, rewarding lives. We want all our young people to enter school ready to learn; read at grade level or better by third grade; graduate from high school in a timely manner ready for college and/or career; complete college or other postsecondary education or vocational training; successfully enter the workforce anywhere they desire including in this community; and are able to live their lives here or elsewhere safe from violence and benefitting from second chances when necessary.


A New Rochelle community in which every institution, household and business accepts a shared responsibility to lift up our young people, particularly Black and Hispanic or Latino boys and young men, and in which every young person is supported and encouraged to achieve positive goals and contribute to the common good.

President Obama’s My Brother’s Keeper Challenge:

With the hope of improving the lives of young people across the country, particularly those of boys and young men of color, President Obama issued a challenge to cities, town, counties and tribes throughout the nation to accept the My Brother’s Keeper Challenge. This September 2014 Call to Action encourages all communities to enact sustainable change through policy, programs and partnerships.

The White House has identified six areas of focus that are critical to ensuring that youth can succeed from pre-Kall the way up through college and their careers — regardless of who they are, where they come from, or the circumstances into which they are born.

Here in New Rochelle, we plan to address all six milestones recommended by the White House and dedicate our energy and resources to see that all our youth, particularly Black and Hispanic or Latino boys and young men, achieve the following milestones: